Bedskirt - Horizon
Bed Skirts – Pattern Horizon
February 23, 2016
Feather & Down Sleeping Pillow
Down Sleeping Pillows
February 23, 2016
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Feather & Down Duvets & Pillow Fills

Down Duvets


Portier & Dunn  – Canadian Duvets & Pillows, Made by Hand

We offer three qualities: Snowdrop: Luxury for Less; Winterwood: Our most Popular; Frostline: Simply our Best.

We offer three weights:  Summer: For warm sleepers who prefer a lighter duvet; Autumn: For average sleepers this is a year round duvet; Winter: For those that feel the cold.

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We offer one design: The right one.

Sealed Baffle Box is the best duvet design. We sew a fabric wall inside to separate the top and bottom layers. Unlike sewn through duvets, this prevents thin spots and heat loss. Unlike most duvets, we also sew a special fabric valve between the boxes, to prevent the down drifting from one section to another. Guaranteed.

We offer one fabric for duvets:

Our long staple 380 Thread Count cotton is soft, light, lustrous and perfectly downproof. Many fabrics that are this soft will leak – ours won’t. Guaranteed.

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