My Story

Cover Story Bedding, dreams for you to keep.

Bedding created with a unique design concept, manufactured in Canada using imported fabrics was launched the summer of 2015.

Local Designer, Paula Grypma having worked in the Interior Design Industry for 23 years brings to Cover Story Bedding a concept where many of the Duvet and Sham Cover ensembles provide four variations allowing subtle or more dramatic changes to your finished bedroom. She is based in Sidney, BC, working from her studio, Outlooks Design and specializes in window coverings and soft furnishings including custom bedding.

There are five collections with specific Design Styles to give you inspiration and she has researched other product lines to offer solutions for luxurious bedding. Pillow Accessories, Sheets, Nightwear and Down Duvets & Sleeping Pillows.

Packaging allows for shipping anywhere, and makes shopping for gifts and surprises easy.

Why Cover Story Bedding?

Paula has had the privilege of designing many custom bedding ensembles for her clients over the years. Creating her own bedding product line has been a dream of hers . . . for these reasons:

  • Offering beautiful fabrics which are not readily available
  • Streamlining the manufacturing process to eliminate the usual challenges faced with custom ordering
  • Offer pricing which is lower than custom bedding
  • Well thought out designs, offering versatility in each duvet ensemble
  • Purely locally designed and manufactured, from the creative packaging, which is unique to the industry and is environmental friendly, to the sewing of each bed ensemble. Fabrics are imported from Spain, Portugal, Great Britain, Isreal and the US
Paula’s inspiration:

“I have been surrounded all my life with textiles. Fabric was a passion in our family, whether in clothing fashions, deciding on back to school clothes (which were lovingly hand crafted by our mom), wedding gowns which my sister Alida began designing and creating when I was quite young, or home décor. We enjoyed lovely bedding that was comforting and beautifully made and we were drawn into the creative process right from early years.

It was important to me as a mother to re-create the bedroom sanctuary for my own children. Even when camping, down duvets and covers were brought along to ensure comfortable beds! During the summer months some evenings we would “camp” out under the stars with our mattresses and bedding which we carried out to the backyard. . . Those sleeps were the best!

Today, I have the same expectations even when we are boating - comfortable, luxurious bedding is so worth it! More than one third of our lives are spent sleeping. . . considerations of your bedding ensembles I believe, deserve at least as much as other areas of your home."

Cover Story Bedding. . . . design styles, cottons and linens, for your comfortable bedding choices. Sweet Dreams. . .


Let us assist you

Cover Story Bedding uses beautiful fabrics in print designs, creatively arranged and sewn into unique bedding ensembles, reflecting many design styles and we would be happy to answer your questions.